Published On: Tue, Nov 24th, 2015

City Spotlight: Tempe

As the economy continues to recover from its recent recession, some businesses are looking to start a new chapter in their professional careers and make the move to an up-and-coming city. There are many factors to consider when you’re thinking about switching locations, particularly after going through such a steep economic downturn, and most everyone is looking for a place that offers a stable environment for businesses to flourish. With this in mind, if you are interested in Arizona commercial property for lease, look no further than the city of Tempe.

Vibrant and Exciting

Tempe, Arizona is situated in one of the nation’s last college towns. This lends the city a hip and youthful vibe, particularly surrounding the main campus of nationally ranked Arizona State University. The academic crowd of Tempe consists of a bright, educated, and spirited bunch who have benefitted from one of the best schools in the nation for programs like business, law, engineering, and countless other specializations, offering up a talented workforce eager to get their ideas out into the world. In the same college-town vein, the city of Tempe is a great place to be because it offers so many attractions, ranging from relaxing days at Tempe Town Lake to exciting nights on Mill Ave.

What’s more, Tempe is just 15 minutes away from Phoenix’s International Airport. It is also surrounded by several major freeways, giving the city an unbeatable amount of accessibility and ease of transportation. Arizona commercial property for lease has never looked better in a place as exciting as Tempe!


Though Tempe can be a great place for fun, it is also a fantastic location for business professionals looking to benefit from a pro-business environment. It is constantly undergoing improvements, including the addition of new retail and Class A office space, and it maintains a workforce of approximately 175,000. With over 4 million tourists annually and an estimated 160,000 daily visitors, Tempe offers opportunities most businesses don’t want to pass up. It is a place for businesses to flourish thanks to its positive work climate, competitive wages, and thriving urban charm. The city’s numerous Arizona commercial property for lease options offer business owners of all budgets the ability to benefit from this great city, so why not look into your options today?

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